Tips for the Perfect Field Photo

Whether it's your 1st or your 10th, one thing that never changes is the excitement of tracking down and standing next to your trophy.

With all the excitement surrounding you as your counting the points or guessing the weight, it is often overlooked what you can do to get the best photo of you and your trophy.

Here are some tips that can help you remember your hunt for a lifetime:

     1. Safety is the first priority, make sure your firearm is unloaded, safety on, and in a safe position.

     2. Take the photo before dressing the animal.  This will reduce the amount of blood on yourself and the animal.

     3. Prep the animal.

                    - Make sure the tongue isn't visible

                    - Make sure the mouth is closed

                    - Brush any leaves and dirt off

                    - Clean any blood with water and a rag to restore its beauty

     4. The best photos are when the animal is in the location that it was hunted.

                    - Photos of the animal when it is hanging may not be the best way to show or respect your trophy

                    - Use the natural environment to enhance the photo

                    - They sky can be a great background if you are in a location that provides an opportunity

     5. Determine the best position for the animal.

                    - Bear - often times take the best photos when they are on their belly

                  - Deer - a photo with a deer can be enhanced when you are sitting behind the deer instead of beside it

                  - Moose - try sitting beside or behind the moose to show how large the animal really is

                  - Turkey - setting a turkey on your knee with the head down can even make a smaller bird look good

     6. Keep the shadows off of your face.  If you are wearing a hat, make sure you can see your face and it isn't covered by


     7. Respect the animal. Refrain from sitting on your animal or positioning your firearm in front of its face.

                    - Make sure beverages, cans, food, or other objects not part of the hunt are not in the picture

     8. Take a variety of photos in different positions. Take some straight on and some with the animal's head turned.

         That way you will have a few to choose from to pick the best one!

     9. Have the photographer get on the same level as the animal. This will take a much better perspective as opposed to a standing

         photographer taking a picture of a kneeling or sitting hunter.

     10. If you don't have a camera in the field, when you do get one, position the trophy to include as much of the natural

           background as possible.

     11. Including your firearm in the photo is a great way to remember how you got your trophy.

                    - Have the hunter hold the firearm in a safe position

                    - Lean the bow on the body of the animal in a position that won't take away from the size of the trophy

     12. Smile! Trophies are hard to come by and it's exciting when all of the time and effort you put into a hunt finally pays off.
           There is no better way to improve your photo than showing how excited you are with a smile.

     13. Take a picture with your hunting buddies.  Just because they didn't take the shot doesn't mean they weren't part of the hunt!


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